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Hiking in the Alpine Region of Australia – Kosciuszko National Park

Experience the natural beauty of Australia‘s highest mountains!

Discover Thredbo‘s breathtaking alpine hikes, mountain bike trails and walks on Australia‘s rooftop.

Usually we love to ski here in winter but we equally love to travel to the mountains in summer as well.

Get ready for an high altitude adventure hiking up to the summit of Australia’s highest peak.

The Dead Horse Gap walking track in the ideal Snowy Mountain walk for sweeping views of the Ramshead Range, Crackenback Mountain and the Thredbo Valley.

The Blue Lake is one of only four cirque lakes found in mainland Australia.

The valley contains the best-developed glacial features in the Kosciuszko National Park.

With easy access and excellent track, the walk to this sparkling jewel is among the best Australian hikes.

There are always opportunities to jump into the cool mountain rivers for a little refreshment.