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BirgiT Bourne

Originally from Bonn (Germany), Birgit has forged a career in travel over three decades that has taken her from tour guiding to tour wholesaling, from Germany to Australia. With extensive experience in inbound tourism and unbeatable destination knowledge, Birgit leads the Insight Australia Travel team with a genuine enthusiasm for sharing and protecting the country she now proudly calls home.

A keen runner and talented photographer, Birgit has a genuine love for the great outdoors and, whilst there aren’t too many places she hasn’t been or seen, she has an unwavering commitment to getting to know every corner of this great continent.
Favourite destination in Australia: “The Australian Outback must be my favourite place. You can lose and find yourself in the Outback, a place rich in Aboriginal history and rugged, natural beauty! This is what Australia is about and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world! I love the Northern Territory and Kimberley/WA, with iconic outback landscapes and undiscovered secrets. One of my most memorable experiences was a trip to Mt Borradaile in Arnhemland with Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris. Mt. Borradaile is a registered aboriginal sacred site and a landscape of rugged ranges fringed by idyllic billabongs and rainforests, a beautiful wilderness. The enormity of the legacy of Aboriginal culture – its complexity and spiritual depth – is barely understood by most of us and you will get a great insight into this.”


Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Viv has spent many weekends exploring the area’s beautiful coastal walks or swimming at the beach with her young family. It is this appreciation for the natural beauty in our own backyard that Viv enjoys sharing so passionately with visitors from around the globe.

A group travel specialist for more than 15 years, Viv has an insightful flair for all aspects of smooth group operations.
Favourite destination in Australia:“For me, the awe of outback Australia in the Northern Territory has such spectacular memories. From the ground all the way to the sky, seeing the amazing changing colours of the sands through to the formation of the natural structures of the landscape. A highlight for me has to be experiencing sunset at Uluru and looking up at the sky it’s hard not to see why the local Aboriginal people, the Anangu have a deep connection to the land. Another must do for me has to be experiencing sunrise on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk – the climb is challenging but such an achievement when you reach the top to have 360 degree panoramic views over the red sands”.

Bryan Arnicar

Born and raised on a Queensland farm, Bryan had always dreamt of travelling the world, following in the explorers’ footsteps. By the age of 30, he had visited all 7 continents and decided to draw on these experiences and inspire others to travel.

Moving to the UK, he embraced the long, cold winter months and unpredictable summer days, and soon became a leading expert in selling Australia as a holiday destination. Bryan has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing across a multitude of distribution channels and the opportunity to return home and lead a talented team to promote nature, wildlife and conservation tourism with Australian Geographic Travel was too good to pass up.

Bryans biggest adventure (and achievement) to date, is his young family. “Seeing my two boys happy, healthy and having fun is one of life’s greatest joys”.
Favourite destination in Australia:“My favourite destination in Australia would probably be Tasmania. I love nature and wildlife and in Tasmania you don’t have to travel far to experience this. The beaches are pristine and the water is turquoise, the wildlife is prolific and the wilderness is untouched. Snow adorns the mountain tops in winter and the long summer days, allow extra time to explore.”

Joana Olah

After studying tourism in Germany, Joana moved to Australia in 2001. She found Australia to be the most beautiful place she had ever visited. So much so that she never left.

With a real passion for anything Travel/Tourism Joana has built her career here over the last two decades, working in a wide array of tourism roles in sales, product development, and online travel.

Besides working in travel Joana spends her spare time discovering new places and loves to go camping, hiking, and always planning her young family’s next adventures. As a keen foodie she is always on the lookout for new food venues she can try out, while also being a keen wannabe chef at home.
Favourite destination in Australia:“There are simply too many favourite spots to only have one, but I do fondly remember arriving in Australia and going on a long road trip to Tropical North Queensland. Walking in ancient heritage-listed rainforests with trees so tall you can hardly see the sky, trying exotic tropical fruits, and spotting crocodiles in the river, it could have not been more different from Germany. I loved the steamy tropical weather, and everyone was so friendly. I remember going out on a coral reef for the first time, being amazed by the colours, the sea creatures I saw, and the huge shock when I came across my first reef shark. But it doesn’t matter which direction you go, there is always a breathtaking destination around the corner, that’s Australia!”

Ines Gormley

Ines passion for the international travel and the tourism industry has seen her working in several countries around the world. She migrated to Australia from Germany in 2002 and has since been working for Australian wholesalers, inbound tour operators and touring companies with a focus on product management and business development. Ines is passionate about protecting the environment and offering sustainable touring options with a focus on conservation and wildlife. Her happy place is the great outdoors. Being out and about bushwalking, camping, trail running – is her way to re-energize and charge her batteries. Ines is also a life coach and in particular looks to help, support and empower women.
Favourite destination in Australia:“Having travelled extensively to all states and territories of this amazing continent, my biggest “WOW” moment occurred while visiting Western Australia. A trip to Karijini National Park and the Ningaloo Coast made a huge impression on me. The stunning landscape, the ancient deep gorges of layered red rock and swimming through crystal-clear waters, the freshwater falls and the secluded swimming holes surrounded by lush green ferns. Karijini combined with the UNESCO world heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef and it’s unique marine and wildlife experiences make WA my favourite travel destination."

Katharina Reiter

Born in Germany, Katharina realised early that she wanted to explore the world and after years of travelling she decided to settle in her favourite country, Australia. Katharina loves to be active and in the outdoors. After work, she is often out playing beach tennis or exploring the east coast of Australia in her camper van.

With almost 20 years of experience in different areas of tourism, having a passion for travel and a love for Down Under, she is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic member for our team.
Favourite destination in Australia:“One of the highlights of my life is driving the "Big Lap" around Australia in a 4WD and seeing for myself the incredible beauty of this island continent. Every part of Australia is fascinating, but my favourite part is Western Australia. The magnificent landscape around Esperance in the south, Ningaloo Reef with the breathtaking underwater world in the middle part of the coast, the simply amazing and must visit, Karijini National Park and the gorgeous town of Broome in the north.”

Daniela Byrne

Daniela was in Australia for a gap year when she met her now husband and they settled for a life on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 20 years later Daniela has worked in various areas of the tourism industry and is now enjoying selling her new homeland to other travellers from overseas.

Daniela loves Sydney where you can combine a swim at the beach in the morning so easily with a visit at the Opera House at night. She and her young family embrace all of the cultural experiences the city has to offer, the vibrant restaurant scene, and the beautiful nature that surrounds them during bushwalks and bike rides.
Favourite destination in Australia:“There are a lot of stunning areas in Australia but my favourite spot is the Whitsunday Islands. Having worked for Hamilton Island I was in the lucky position to experience all the beauty in real depth. There is nothing like seeing the Great Barrier Reef from a helicopter or staying for a night during a Reefsleep in this natural wonder. As soon as you put your head underwater you become part of this wonderous world that is so fragile and beautiful and needs our protection. I saw turtles, clownfish and the most amazing array of colourful fish. The gorgeous luxury resorts that await are equally amazing to the boats that take you out on multi-day trips to experience the Reef. Sitting on deck, the glistening ocean surrounding you and the whitest beaches on your fingertips… I don’t think there is any better place to be.”

Michael Bourne

Michael has worked in tourism and hospitality for more years than he would like to say.

His passion for delivering high levels of service and his love of developing and working in high performing teams however remains unabated.

Michael has travelled extensively around Australia and his favourite spot is always the last one he visits.

He remains constantly ready for (and looking forward to) the next travel opportunity