Insight: Noun “The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation”

INSIGHT AUSTRALIA TRAVEL is a 16 year young inbound tour operator for Australia. We are a professional, boutique organisation that consistently delivers customised service and attention to detail ensuring a professional, well organised and a profoundly memorable Australian experience.

Rainforests, white beaches, vast outback, national parks, exotic wildlife, blue skies, open spaces, ancient culture, vibrant lifestyles, cosmopolitan cities and above all a unique, friendly people. We all experience Australia differently but however you experience it, travel should create special memories that last a lifetime. Opportunities however may be missed if your travel itinerary lacks in insight into the Australian Way by those responsible for its planning and execution.

Insight Australia Travel offers that special insight.

The team is lead by Birgit Bourne who is originally from Bonn in Germany. Birgit has lived in Australia for the past 20 years and her in depth travel insight is based on her more than 30 years working in the travel industry. Birgit’s insight has not only come from organising tours, but also through having personally escorted many group tours throughout Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and also Asia and South America. Birgit loves the outdoors and is a published landscape and wildlife photographer who never misses an opportunity to experience another part of Australia.

Travel is about challenging what you know and understanding what you don’t. It’s about new insights. We help you to acquire these insights by offering unique and personalised itineraries based on years of experience and genuine care for the quality of your travel adventure.

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